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How to Broadcast a Live Fitness Class + On Demand

WpStream offers a range of video tutorials on our YouTube Channel
explaining everything you need to know about broadcasting live fitness classes.
Limited Technical Experience and Basic WordPress Knowledge required.

Live Streaming Demos with WpStream

Works for Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Strength Training, and any other Fitness Class

Stream, Record, and Monetize your Live Fitness Classes.

Host live group sessions remotely to fitness lovers that can't get to the gym. With a variety of monetization options, you can get paid for live streaming workouts and continue making money by offering recorded classes as Pay-Per-View products

Set Up Your Streaming Platform in 4 Steps

1. Start your website

Get a domain, hosting provider, and WordPress installed on your new website.

2. Install A WordPress Theme

Install a professional theme and create your website. Use a ready made template from the themes below. WpStream has 3 demos with professional themes - see below.

3. Signup on Wpstream.net

Signup to wpstream.net and install the plugin on your website.

4. Configure your Settings

Set the required (and desired) settings, such as payment processors, Pay-Per-View products, and start creating content for your viewers.

Register for a Free Trial

Once you register, you receive 500 MB of Streaming Bandwidth and 100 MB of Storage Bandwidth to Live Stream, create Pay-Per-View videos, and Video-On-Demand.

Live Stream

Broadcast Your Fitness Class to Clients in Real-Time to their Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.


Record Your Fitness Classes and Allow your Busy Clients to Access the Videos Whenever, Wherever.


Analyze your Metrics, Monetize your Live Streams and Video-on-Demand, and Stand out from your Competition.

Ready-To-Go WordPress Themes

WpStream offers three different Live Demos that you can use to set up your website. Live Demos are completed samples of websites that are good to go. All you need to do is download the demo and replace the text, images, and videos.

Ownership & Control

Your content is your own and you have full control over what you post.


We will never censor or take down your content. Play your music stress-free!


Monthly subscription plans that you can cancel at any time.

Start Streaming with WpStream

Start Your Free Trial Now and Begin Your Online Fitness Business Journey.

Make Money From Live Streaming Events or Selling Your Videos

Monetize your online fitness classes with WooCommerce and set up subscriptions and pay-per-view products. With WpStream, secure payments are a guarantee.

Monetization Options

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1. Finding your Market Segment
2. Setting up your Brand Image
3. Setting up your WordPress Website
4. Final Checklist


    How To

    Start Streaming with WpStream

    Start Your Free Trial Now and Begin Your Online Fitness Business Journey.