About the Consultancy Program

As much as we would love to believe that all our customers find WpStream user friendly and accessible (which it still is), we are aware that a little extra help never hurts. WordPress is a complex ecosystem incorporating diverse use cases, add-ons, and customization options. 

Since we are a part of the WordPress family, WpStream aims to offer support similar to WordPress standards. Therefore, we have launched a Consultancy Program. Consultants will be resolving complex issues that fall outside the scope of our product, and issues that our support team does not cover as you will read below.

How it works

The first step of the process includes assigning a consultant. This is based on needs and technical awareness, and is charged at an hourly rate. The final step is setting up a one-on-one meeting at your discretion. The general area of expertise of our consultants include:

  • Thorough explanations of general and technical WordPress lingo
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of our video streaming setup
  • Advice on Video Streaming technicalities
  • Advice on equipment, hosting, etc
  • Beta and experimental features
  • 3rd party platform and product integration
  • WooCommerce and monetization
  • Broadcast settings, software, bitrate, and network setup
  • WpStream customization
  • Identifying and mitigating plugin and theme conflicts
  • Foreign language support
  • Other issues not included in this list

Support topics that WpStream deals with directly

  • Price, packages, bandwidth and storage consumption inquiries
  • Billing issues
  • Information about the product not covered by existing public documentation
  • Issues with WpStream not caused by conflicts or misconfiguration

How do I get in contact with a consultant?

  • Reach out via the contact form with a detailed concern (in any language) 
  • We will find a consultant and forward information such as availability, time zone, and hourly rate
  • You can schedule a time slot with your personal consultant
  • We occasionally ask for feedback on various consultant engagements and strive to provide top quality talent for all your needs