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Broadcast and Record Classes on your Website

Online Education

The new ‘normal’ is a little bit different than it was a few years ago. Thankfully, the role of digitization has, once again, made our lives a bit easier. Whether you provide school or university classes, or training future entrepreneurs, WpStream may be the tool for you.

Live Streaming with WpStream

Go Live in Less than 3 Minutes

WpStream has been designed exclusively for WordPress websites to provide you with a video streaming solution. Follow this guided tutorial on how to live stream on your WordPress Website quicker than you can say ‘Class in Session’.

You are also able to sell your live and On-Demand courses on your website as Subscriptions or Pay-Per-View options. To create a Video-On-Demand, you can either record your live stream or upload your classes to WpStream directly from your computer.

Go Live with WpStream and Zoom

One, Two, or Three to ‘Many’

Meetings, Open Days, Fresher’s Week, and Webinars. What do they all have in common? Multiple people meet on live to have discussions and plenty of more people are watching.

For those who wish to continue using Zoom but want to broadcast meetings or sessions for even more people to watch, live streaming with WpStream and Zoom is the way to go.

Set Up Your Streaming Platform in 4 Steps

1. Start your website

Get a domain, hosting provider, and WordPress installed on your new website

2. Install A WordPress Theme

Install a professional theme and create your website

3. Signup on Wpstream.net

Signup to wpstream.net and install the plugin on your website

4. Configure your Settings

Set your desired settings, such as payments through Pay-Per-View or Subscription products, and start broadcasting

Apply for Covid Support

Apply to receive streaming bandwidth throughout the pandemic. We have set up a program where we provide schools, non-profits, and houses of worship with streaming resources so that you can continue broadcasting despite set backs.

Live Stream

Broadcast classes to your students in Real-Time to their Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets


Record Classes and allow students that missed the live-stream to access the Videos Whenever, Wherever.


Analyze your metrics, create Pay-Per-View or Subscription Live-Streams, and set up Video-on-Demand

Broadcast Graduation Ceremonies

Go Live and Record Your Graduations

After years of hard work and sleepless nights, your students are due a celebration. For those of whom could not be present in-person for the ceremony, provide a means for them to be a part of the online event. Your Out-of-State and International Students will thank you.

Record the live ceremony, download and edit it, and upload it to your website to offer for free or for a specified price to your students. Provide them with video memories of one of the most magical and proud days of their lives.

Ownership & Control

Your content is your own and you have full control over what you post


We will never censor, mute, or take down your content


Monthly subscription plans that you can cancel at any time

Start Streaming with WpStream

Start Your Free Trial Now and Start your Virtual Teaching Journey.

Free, Pay-Per-View, or Subscriptions with WooCommerce

Set up Free, Pay-Per-View, or Subscription videos to suit your every class, course, or program. Mix and match or set up your whole website on 'Global Subscription Mode' so that your students can pay one subscription and have access to all your content. Alternatively, create multiple subscriptions (based on classes and courses) and only offer the videos that students need.

Monetization Options


Set up a Subscription-based channel for weekly, monthly, or yearly payments. These are automatic recurring payments that are hassle free!


Amongst the most popular donation methods is the Pay-Per-View option. Your students will only pay for the content once and have permanent access

Mixed Monetization

Great news is that you do not have to be limited to one payment method. Free, Pay-Per-View and Subscription offers your students different options to make payments

Enable non-admins to Broadcast on your Website

Do you have a big school or university?

One of the most popular features here on WpStream is the ability to allow regular users (Teachers and Professors) to broadcast their classes independently on your website via the Front-End.


Start Streaming with WpStream

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