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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I use WpStream for?          

LIVE, Video-on-Demand, and Pay-per-view on WordPress websites.

2. What are the limitations of the free trial?

Only your streaming bandwidth and storage quota are different.
You can test all the above WpStream features during your free trial.

3. What can I live stream with?

Any app with RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) capability. For example, Wirecast, OBS, XSplit, iPhones, and Androids. See here.

4. How many channels can I run simultaneously?

As many as you want.

5. How many people can watch my broadcast at the same time?

Virtually no limits, you can stream to hundreds of thousands or more.

6. Can I stream on multiple sites?

Yes. You can use the same WpStream account for multiple WordPress websites.

7. Can I use the plugin with my own theme?

Our plugin works well with any theme.

8. Is it possible to embed the live video into a page or an article?

Yes, via shortcodes. See the tutorial here.

9. Can my website users broadcast on their own?

It is possible under certain circumstances to enable broadcasting for regular users, see this, this, and this.

10. Is it possible to let other viewers join the live stream?

Yes, it is possible. You can use Skype, Zoom, and OBS, etc. See more details here.

11. Is my content secure?

Yes. The explanation is in this article. 



12. I am broadcasting but there is no video in the player.

Various misconfigurations or issues can lead to this. Please check for conflicts or contact us directly to try and debug the problem.

13. I am not streaming but my bandwidth is still decreasing. Why?

Your viewers may be watching Videos-on-Demand or your channel may still be active, read here for more details.

14. How can I reduce the live delay time in the player?

Check out our low-latency solution here.

15. How can I remove the viewer count while streaming?

See here for instructions on how to remove the viewer count.

16. How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Choose the subscription pack you would like to change to and enter your payment details. Once you’ve subscribed to the preferred pack, make sure you cancel your previous subscription in order to avoid being billed twice.

17. How do I cancel my subscription?

Follow the simple steps here.