Brand Assets for Affiliates

A wholesome guideline and kit with all the materials you need to promote WpStream as an Affiliate.

The logo

Our logo comes in two forms and it is important to only use them as shown here. It will always be written as WpStream (Capital W, Small p, and Capital S)

Download the .png, .jpg, or .svg logos.


Typing 'WpStream'...

When you are manually typing the brand name, it will always be written as WpStream (Capital W, Small p, and Capital S).


Typing WpStream

The colour guide

WpStream comes in 3 shades of blue. 

  • #4E2EE6
  • #7194FA
  • #597DFB

When promoting WpStream, make sure you implement these colours in the text or in images used.

The font guide

Our main font which will be found all over our website and texts in images is Mont.

Mont comes in different varieties including Mont Regular, Mont Bold, and Mont Heavy.

However, we understand that not everyone has access to this font. You can choose from one of the System or Google Fonts. Ideally, aim to keep the font consistent.

The space

Never crowd the logo when adding it to a text. Aim to have at least one unit on the sides and a unit and half on the top and bottom. A unit is measured by the ‘W’ as seen in the image.


The slogans

It is important to let your audience know what we’re about. We’ve listed a few slogans but you are welcome to take inspiration and create your own!

  • Streaming made easy
  • Video Streaming for WordPress
  • Video Streaming powered by WpStream
  • Innovative technology for live streaming
  • WpStream brings video streaming to WordPress. Broadcast, record, and monetize with ease!

Don’t forget to add your Affiliate Link from the Affiliate Portal under ‘Affiliate URLs’!
Promoting WpStream

The incorrect uses

Shown are a few examples of how you must never place the logo.

Always add the logo to a plain, white background and use one of the logos we provide.