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Six Months Sponsorship

Stream Free for 6 Months – It’s on us.
Apply for our Sponsorship Campaign today and get the Friends Package for 6 months free of charge. More details in our sponsorship article. Contact us to get started!

Free Trial Account

Free Trial Account

The free account offers you just enough resources to test your setup and publish a few short-lived channels and/or videos.

You are limited to the following resources:

  • 500MB streaming bandwidth – enough to run an HD stream for an hour
  • 100MB recording storage – enough for 10min worth of HD recordings

The free trial lets you create unlimited channels, unlimited recorded videos and broadcast your content to unlimited users.

Once your bandwidth or storage is consumed you will need to upgrade to a paid package to continue streaming.

family package

Family Package – $19 per month

The Family Package is well suited for personal broadcasts to a handful of viewers.

You are bound by the following streaming resources:

  • 100GB streaming bandwidth – enough for 300 HQ* or 150 HD* viewer hours
  • 2GB recording storage – good for 6 hours HQ* or 3 hours HD* worth of recordings

Your benefits include unlimited simultaneous streams and mobile compatible playback.

If you run out of resources you have the option to upgrade your package at any time.

team package

Team Package – $49 per month

The Team Package is ideal for short to medium lived broadcast to a medium-low sized audience

The following resources are included with your plan:

  • 250GB streaming bandwidth – enough for 800 HQ* or 400 HD* viewer hours
  • 10GB recording storage – good for 30 hours HQ* or 15 hours HD* worth of recordings

You can stream to unlimited destinations and your content is encrypted for protection.

friends package

Friends Package – $149 per month

The Friends Package is meant for sporadic or periodic broadcasts to a medium-sized audience

We offer you the following resources:

  • 1TB streaming bandwidth – enough for 3000 HQ* or 1500 HD* viewer hours
  • 50GB recording storage – good for 150 hours HQ* or 75 hours HD* worth of recordings

You benefit from ad-free streaming and full control of your content.

fans package

Fans Package - $399 per month

This package is well suited for larger audiences and higher quality video.

You are offered plenty of resources, including:

  • 3TB streaming bandwidth – good for 10,000 HQ* or 5,000 HD* viewer hours
  • 250GB recording storage – good for 750 hours HQ* or 375 hours HD* worth of recordings

Need to stream even more? Contact us for a custom offer.