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How To Broadcast A Live Pay-Per-View Event

August 6, 2017

This is the most common way to use the WpStream plugin. It’s useful when you want to setup a website and “sell tickets” for live events you broadcast. On top of that, you will be able to “rent” the recordings of these events.

Following are a few common situations where you can use this setup :

  • You are broadcasting classes and want your users to pay a fixed fee per session
  • You are streaming a live concert and sell tickets for it
  • You are doing a fund raising and viewers can contribute by buying a ticket to the event.

Similar to the previous setup, you need to have your own domain and a hosting account with WordPress installed.

On top of WordPress, you will need 2 plug-ins installed:

  • Our own WPStream, that you can download from here
  • WooCommerce, which is a free e-commerce plugin that will help you sell the events & recordings and handle the payments. You can download it from here, and also watch the following video for setup instructions.


After you installed WordPress and the 2 plugins it is time to signup on WpStream.net and pick your broadcasting package. You will next have access to the broadcasting keys from within your account.
Copy the broadcasting keys (the API key and the API secret key) from your WPStream account to your WordPress backend, under the WPStream section. Also fill in your WpStream username and password.

This is it, you are ready to sell your first event!

At this point you just need to create your live event as a product. Go into your WordPress admin area -> Products-> Add New. Pick a name for your live event (something meaningful like “Rolling Stones live from Times Square” ) and set Live Channel as Product data. Then set the price and add an event description, images and any other details you may want.

As soon as you publish your Live Channel type product, you can immediately start live streaming to it from the WpStream section. Find your channel and hit START BROADCASTING. Wait for the streaming environment to initialize and your streaming credentials to be generated. Use these as parameters for OBS Studio or other rtmp broadcasting tool.

If you want your event to be recorded you will need to check the “Record? Yes” box on top of the “START BROADCASTING” button. If you do record your event it will be saved and available for renting. For details on video renting you can read a dedicated tutorial here.

Please note that there isn’t a time limit to your event and you will be able to broadcast to it, continuously or sporadically, for days or weeks if you want to. However, if you stop transmitting video for a longer while your streaming context will be closed and you will need to START BROADCASTING again to renew it. Your paying customers will have access to the event until you manually delete it.


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