WpStream – How To Broadcast A Live Channel with OBS

This guide is useful for website owners who want to Broadcast with OBS on your WordPress site without any monetization options.

Free streaming possibilities can include:

  • Presentations of different products.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Ad-supported transmissions of concerts.
  • Live broadcasts of cultural events such as the Sunday church mass.


Before streaming, you will need a couple of things, including:

  1. A website running on WordPress
  2. The WpStream Plugin
  1. A WpStream Account – Create your account on WpStream

You can also check our guide on how to install the WpStream platform to your website: https://wpstream.net/installing-the-wpstream-theme-and-demo-content

Before starting to broadcast, you’ll have to create a free live channel first. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard and look for the “Free Live Channel / Free Video” section. Then click on “Add New Free Live Channel / Free Video”.

Fill out your channel details by adding a featured image, description and a title for your free channel. You will also have to set “Media Type” to “Free Live Channel”, as shown below:

Once you added all the details, simply click “Publish” and your channel will be ready to stream.

Our Free Live Channel is ready. Please remember that you can always keep a recording of your live stream by ticking the “Record” box. Now all there is left to do is clicking on “Broadcast to Channel” and waiting.

Once the loading is over, your screen should look like this:

Click on “Broadcast with 3RD party software” and have OBS studio ready. You will have to copy your stream details into OBS studio:

Open up your OBS Studio settings, then go to “Stream”. In the “Service” dropdown, select “custom”. In the next two lines, you will have to add your stream details, as shown below:

Don’t forget to save your settings at this point.

Once you added your details and saved your settings, click on “Start Streaming”.

If you want to view or share your stream, you can access it from the free channel page you just created:

Let’s check our free live channel by clicking on the “View Channel” link.

 Your live stream is ready and already broadcasting! Congrats!



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