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How to Broadcast live events on a subscription based business

October 26, 2017

One other common way to monetize your video content is the subscription based PPV.

You can use this billing model for situations similar to the following:

  • broadcast sporadically on your live channel and charge your viewers a monthly fee to watch all the broadcasts in that month
  • regularly transmit news or events on a live channel, for which you charge your viewers monthly/weekly
  • charge a daily subscription for a channel sharing occasional investment advice; your users can cancel the subscription at any time

To set this up you will need a WordPress website, and the following plugins on topf of it:the WooComerce plugin installed, and also the Woo Subscription Plugin.

  • Our own WPStream, that you can download from here
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Woo Subscription Plugin from here

After you installed all 3 plugins, signup to WpStream and get your broadcasting package. Copy the broadcasting keys (the “API key” and the “API secret key”) from your WPStream account to your WordPress backend, under the WpStream section, together with your WpStream credentials.

To create a subscription live channel / video product:

  • In your WordPress admin, look up the Products menu on the left and click Add New. Choose a name for your subscription product; choose Simple subscription as the product type. You can now define the pricing details – how much you will charge and how often.
  • Make sure the Is a subscription based live channel? is set to yes

After you publish the files the new product will appear on your “shop” page and users will be able to signup to the new subscription product.


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