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How To Manage Your Video Library

August 27, 2019
how to manage video library with wpstream

The WpStream platform allows you to manage your video library by uploading videos, keeping recordings of live events, recording new videos and publishing videos – these can be either pay per view or free, with copy protection included. 

The WpStream video library dashboard features an intuitive interface that was designed to be as simple as possible, yet flexible and feature-rich. Ease of use has always been one of the platform’s strong points. 

In this article we’ll take a look at your website’s video library and the different ways you can use and manage your recordings and videos.

Video Library Uses

The video library is an excellent tool for website owners who:

  • Live stream sporadically but also want to keep track of their media files and recordings
  • Want to offer certain recordings or videos as pay-per-view products
  • Want a safe and easy way to use storage space for video files, right on their website
  • Stream on a regular basis and want to offer the recordings for free
  • Want to download their recordings and combine them into compilations for, say, anniversary streams 

WpStream Video Library

To manage your video library, simply go to your WordPress dashboard, then go to WpStream (1) and click on WpStream Media Management (2).

This will open up the WpStream media library, as shown below: 

1 – Your account information, including available bandwidth and media storage

2 – Media upload 

3 – Delete a previous recording or uploaded file

4 – Download the selected file 

5 – Recording or media file name

6 – Create a free video on demand from the file or recording

7 – Create a pay per view video on demand from the file or recording

Recording New Videos

To record one of your live stream videos, you have to check the “record” box when creating a new channel, as shown below:

Uploading Media Files

To upload new media files, go to your WordPress dashboard, WpStream and then click on WpStream Media Management. You can either choose a file to upload or simply drag and drop one, as shown below:

Downloading Files

To download a previously recorded or uploaded file, you have to go to your WordPress Dashboard, then WpStream and click on WpStream Media Management. Here you can find the “get download link button”, as shown below: 

Please note that the download url will be available only for the next twenty minutes:

Deleting Files

To delete a media file, to go WpStream Media Management as shown above and click on the “delete file” button:

Publishing New Videos

This same page allows website owners to create free VODs and pay per view VODs from their recordings or uploaded files, as shown below:

Start your Live Streaming Journey with WpStream for free today, no credit card required for registration.
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  • erikagerber2000 December 7, 2019

    is the public able to access the free channels or videos without me having to give them the link? is a new page or post created that will list the livestreams or video uploads?

    • admin January 8, 2020

      Yes a new page is created for every channel, you can access it via the “permalink”

  • Ajit Sirohi April 12, 2021

    How can I stream a pre-recorded Video which I have uploaded on Video Hosting services like Wistia or SproutVideo.

  • Aparajita Majumdar July 31, 2021

    I have installed WP Stream theme in my wordpress. But I am unable to upload the video in WP Stream Media Management. It is showing continuously that “We are uploading your video”. But even after a long time there is no progress at all. Do we have to pay to access this feature in WP Stream?

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