Live streaming trends in 2022

live streaming trends

As we are near the finish line of 2021, many marketers, businesses, analysts, and economists are looking towards 2022 as the ideal time and opportunity to invest in live streaming. While live streaming has been at its peak at the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020, businesses have continuously experimented with live events and showcasing their brands with this modern technology.

While the hype around live streaming has slowly gone down, the good thing is that it has become a permanent tool in interacting with clients, communities, and companies. We can confidently say that live streaming is here to stay. Unlike other ‘trends’ that have come and gone, this particular trend is here to stay for a long, long time.

Live streaming has been around since 1993, however, it became more popular by the mid-2010s. From then on, it slowly grew. In 2020, we saw a huge spike due to the pandemic.

For about two years, almost every person has experienced live streaming events, meetings, webinars, concerts, and education. On the other end, businesses and non-profits have made systemic changes to make it a permanent tool for communication.

This article will tackle predicted live streaming trends for 2022 so that you know what you should be expecting. Research is the most important part of any action you take as an individual, a business, or as a non-profit.


There is no doubt that a wedding is one of the most cherished event in a couple’s life. Unfortunately, the pandemic has left many couples struggling to plan and organize their weddings or all their loved ones. Moreover, if they have loved ones that live in different states or countries, attending the wedding becomes even more difficult.

For this reason, videographers and film production agencies have seen an increasing demand in live streaming. They predict that even after the pandemic ends, live streaming will become an essential feature of any modern wedding.

Professional tools such as WpStream can be used by any amateur or professional in live streaming as it is easy to use, quick, and requires about 10 minutes of set up to go live.

Beauty and Wellness

Live streaming is a great tool to interact with your clients in real time. Many salons, spas, and wellness centers have shut down due to restrictions. However, tech savvy ones have found another way to stay in touch with their clients. This was through organizing meditation sessions, how-to classes for how to do your brows, basics of nail care and nail art, as well as how to pamper yourself at home.

Schools have moved to virtual learning, why don’t you take advantage of the skills you have to teach wellness? You can evens set up appointments and get creative. Were you previously offering facials? Try setting up consultations with your clients instead. You can send them samples of the products you would (or full sizes) and have them try it themselves.

Moreover, you will find that beauty brands are also able to sell more products via live streams. This is because their clients are watching in real-time, interacting, and asking you questions. You can find out more about this technique in the next point.


E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods online. It can be shopping for clothes, shoes, and bags, or it could entail booking travel tickets. E-Commerce also includes buying or selling houses, online services, etc. Anything that requires online money transfers can be defined as being part of the ‘E-Commerce’ world.

E-commerce has grown significantly over the years and researched predictions show that it won’t stop any time soon. According to Statista, by 2024, Retail E-Commerce sales worldwide will reach about 6400 billion dollars. That’s a 50% increase from 2020!

Ultimately, selling products and services via a livestream can promote building a community among customers and brands. Brands can show a relatability aspect by allowing their designers, for instance, to go live and talk about their latest collection while also having the products available to buy. As the designer talks about each piece, it gives it life and a story. At the end of the day, marketing is all about story-telling which is why live streaming works ideally in E-Commerce.

Corporations and Businesses

Small, medium, and large scale companies have all implemented live streaming in their business. This was done for both in-company communication and with clients or businesses. Live streaming with Zoom has been one of the most popular ways to go live and meet up with colleagues and discuss projects, deadlines, and future plans.

Many companies have also moved their trainings and seminars to ‘webinars’ where meeting in person was not possible. This tactic can be implemented at any time since many employees may not be able to attend in person but would still like to be part and stay up to date with the company.


Ask any fitness enthusiast and you’ll find that half the trouble of starting a workout is getting to the gym. Add a pandemic, and that makes it more difficult, to say the least. If there is one good thing that has come about in 2020, it is the possibility to stay at home and do those crunches. Live-streaming fitness classes have, in just the span of a few months, become one of the fastest growing segments in the fitness industry. 

The emergence of online and digital fitness has made working out more accessible. Consequently, they’ve become more popular than physical gyms and sports clubs. It is safe to say that Zoom, Facebook live, and Instagram live have replaced the four walls of a fitness studio. Whether you have always been an online fitness instructor or you’re a physical gym owner and have adopted hybrid-style classes, WpStream has just the solution for you.


Thanks to technology, education was never put on hold. Institutions continued offering students classes online implemented systems to be able to keep track of their work and continue teaching. Hybrid education (online and in-person) will be one of the most significant changes that have come out of this pandemic.

Schools and universities are set to become more flexible with their curriculum in 2022 and live streaming classes on their websites would be one of the steps towards inspiring innovative ideas and procedures.


According to researchers, the pandemic has made it easier for people to explore their spirituality with the move to online religious worship. In a time when many people are feeling alienated and isolated, Churches and houses of worship are providing followers with a way to regain their faith and confidence in humanity.

Moreover, many people have claimed that faith has kept them stable during one of the most difficult times in human history. Faith is important to most Americans (65% of Americans are Christians). Missing their weekly church time would have taken a toll on their mental health and overall hope for an end to the pandemic.

For this reason, Faith live streaming has been one of the most popular type of live content during this time. Most churches moved online which is also expected to continue into 2022.

Events, concerts, and festivals

Entertainment has taken a serious dip in the past 2 years. People haven’t been able to attend concerts, festivals, shows, movie screenings, etc. However, live streaming concerts has been popular as an alternative. This also proved popular with people as it was one way to still hold on to a small part of their lives before anything happened. Artists have been having online concerts and selling live event tickets similar to how they would in an in-person concert or festival.

Like with any in-person event, you can monetize your live event. With WpStream, you can set up a Pay-Per-View live stream or Subscription live stream. Moreover, event organizers can also record their live stream in just a few simple steps.

In 2022, we hope that we will still have some in-person concerts and festivals. However, we know for sure that we will be buying those tickets to the online live show if we can’t attend otherwise.


For the live streaming trends in 2022, we can expect live streaming to become a permanent part of our lives. Whether in school, work, hobbies, or you can’t make it to a specific event, you can still watch the live stream.

Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice Tabultoc

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