Live Video Theme – VidMov x WpStream integration

One of the best video themes on ThemeForest now has the live streaming feature integrated via WpStream’s API. VidMov is a Video and Audio Podcast theme that offers superior video streaming features. Recently, VidMov implemented live streaming into their theme, and it is the first theme on the market to offer live streaming with a WordPress local. None other than WpStream!

Using WpStream’s API, VidMov has successfully managed to implement their version of live streaming, customized the player, and the way you go LIVE on your website. They have made going live simpler than ever with just a few steps.

To make their users have a seamless experience, VidMov has 5 demos that are ‘One-click demo installs’. You can choose the demo you want and with just one click, you can have it on your website. Furthermore, if you want to include live streaming on your website, you will find the ‘Live Video Streaming’ feature available on the theme itself. This is shown under ‘Theme Settings’ > ‘Live Video Streaming Settings’.

*Note: You will need to register an account on before you can start streaming on the VidMov Theme.

VidMov Features

Live Streaming via WpStream’s API

live video theme
  • Go Live in minutes from any browser
  • Broadcast reliably – Store Durably – Deliver Globally
  • Connect with your viewers in real-time
  • Compatible with most encoders and streaming software – OBS Studio, Restream, Streamlabs, StreamYard, etc.

Bunny Stream

  • Solves the hassle of video delivery by packing transcoding, storage, security, and a video player
  • Powered by Edge Storage
  • This feature automatically copies videos added through WordPress’ media uploader to Bunny Stream
  • Replaces the URL with their respective Bunny Stream and fetches the thumbnail for the post


  • Flexible, open-source commerce solution
  • Combines with myCred to create digital products and sell points
  • Users can use these points to donate or view premium content


  • Auto-fetch thumbnails for self-hosted videos
  • Automatically generate different qualities for self-hosted videos
  • Your server must have the FFMPEG library installed to use this feature

Video Advertising

  • Supports: Image, Google Adsense, VAST 4.2 and Custom HTML
  • Pre-roll, Post-roll / Mid-roll and Custom Time
  • Combine different ads on the same player
  • Works with YouTube, Vimeo, daily motion, and self-hosted videos

Light and Dark Mode

  • Switch between dark and light mode with just one click
live video theme

Smart Post Submission Form

  • With Chunks Upload and myCred Sell Content
  • Creators can set prices for their content and share the revenue with your platform
  • It can upload unlimited file size, regardless of server restrictions

Smart Player

  • Supports audio and video
  • Supports subtitles for self hosted videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion
  • Audio Player supports sound waves
  • Toolbar with many features

Channel Features

  • Set up community through the channel feature
  • Allow interactivity, support, and sharing

These are just a few of the features available with the VidMov theme. Find out more information on their ThemeForest page.

Live video theme: Conclusion

With the VidMov theme, your video streaming website is ready to go. Their one click demo’s are set up so that you can easily install the demo you love on your website. Besides the video and audio features they offer, they have recently included live video streaming to their platform via WpStream’s API so that you can go live whenever you want.

Check out the VidMov theme and get started with video streaming on your website! Don’t forget to read their in-depth documentation for clear instructions on how to set up live video streaming.

Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice Tabultoc

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