What is White Label Streaming?

white label live streaming

White label Streaming is simply the elimination of the manufacturer’s logo. As a modern day tech-savvy society, we have endless choices of video content at our fingertips.

From short videos, series, movies, and documentaries, standing out from the crowd has become a huge task. Generally speaking, video-on-demand has become one of the fastest growing industries.  

“The Video-on-Demand revenue segment is around $36,93M in 2020 and is predicted to grow even more the next few years.”

That being said, where does your business stand?

Different methods of selling a live stream or video on a website exist. Original content, user-friendly websites, and quality videos are just a few examples of how your streaming business can survive in this massive industry.

However, WpStream can help you take a step further by rising up the ladder of one of the best streaming websites available. Amongst all the ways that you can give your competitors a run for their money, implementing White Label Video Streaming is an iconic start.

What is White Label Video Streaming?

White label is the presence of a third-party’s logo on a product despite the hours or even days spent working hard to create an original piece. White label platforms give you a blank canvas to customize your videos, without any interference from third-party platforms. For instance, videos posted from YouTube will have the YouTube logo present for viewers to see.

 A white label video platform like WpStream will provide you with a blank screen to add your own logo and have your viewers associate your content with your own website as opposed to the service you used to stream your videos. This will help you establish your brand identity and have viewers come back for more content.

Furthermore, there comes a time when you will want more than what a free streaming platform can offer. Besides adding your own logo, free streaming platforms have control over the content you post, the bandwidth, storage, and depending on the service, ownership of your videos.

Benefits of White Label Video Streaming

Control of placement

As mentioned previously, you can brand your content with your own logo and place it wherever you want on the video. However, there is more to this freedom of control. You can even place your video wherever you want on your WordPress website when you choose to live-stream with WpStream.

Some platforms may claim to allow you to embed your video onto your website, but after countless reviews left on their public forums, it seems like more issues come about, not solutions.

Choose your quality

It’s true, free streaming platforms DO sound too good to be true. Because they are free, thousands and millions of people have access and choose to live-stream using their services. The reason why these platforms are able to handle so many users at the same time, 24/7, is because they limit the bitrate, resolution, number of viewers, and stream time.

At WpStream, you can have unlimited viewers and stream 24/7 at the broadcasting quality you choose. You are only limited by the subscription plan you purchase, which is also under your control.

Ad free

That free streaming platform will flood your content with ads. Moreover, you have no control over what is being advertised. It all depends on your viewer’s geographic location, their previous activities, viewing habits, and interests.

This is all collected and manipulated by certain algorithms based on the browsing history that your viewer may not necessarily want to see. You may lose viewers and ruin your brands’ reputation based on the ads that they receive.

It is assumed that as a business, you have put in effort to stream your content and it would be a shame to have the quality of your viewer’s streaming experience get affected because of unwanted ads.

No Unexplained removal

So, you have still decided to go through with a free platform to live-stream your content. Everything seems to be going well. One last issue may occur.

You cannot control what the algorithmic bots will find inconsistent or copyrighted content. Consequently, your stream will be automatically removed from the site since they have the right to do so. 

Even though your content may not infringe on any rights and be completely acceptable, this could still happen. Free platforms have too many users and not enough humans to go over each and every stream. Although you can still appeal the issue and wait for a human to get in contact, you have already lost your viewers.

With WpStream, you are fully responsible for the content you upload and in case any issue arises, customer support is always there to help with ACTUAL human beings at your disposal.


The work you put into building a site and creating content deserves to be seen as is- your work. It needs to be branded with your own logo and tagline. When you use WpStream to live-stream your videos and events, you accomplish just this.

Moreover, you are able to take full ownership and have control over the live-streams and VODs you publish. In the long run, streaming with a white label platform will do justice for your reputation and your profits. Sign up now for a free trial with WpStream and experience a White Label platform for yourself.

Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice is the digital marketing go-to at WpStream. She manages all things social media, content creation, and copywriting.

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