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Who can use WpStream

August 6, 2017

Here are some industries that can use the WpStream Plugin :

Business/Finance – broadcast unique investment advice to your closed circle of traders

Health Professionals – spread one of a kind knowledge on anti-aging, alternative medicine or general wellbeing

Gamer – keep your fans engaged with gameplay hints and strategy secrets

Fitness Expert – livestream your workouts with tips and techniques to get in shape

Chef/Cooking – share your experience on how to eat well and healthy



Christine is a yoga teacher.

To keep up with relocating and the ever-growing number of students she decided to live stream her classes online. She charges a flat fee per session, and the cost of attending online is half the price of the studio lesson. Recordings of the sessions are also available.  Christine chose WPStream for her streaming setup as it will seamlessly process payments and easily integrate with her WordPress website maintained by a friend.


Glenn is a former cooking show personality.

He has a huge fan base that he keeps entertained through his WordPress food blog and live cooking sessions streamed from his home or friends’ kitchen around the world. He chooses to broadcast some of the shows for free, while charging a fee for others. Recordings of some shows are also available to fans, free or for a fee. Glenn uses WPStream as an all-in-one solution for his streaming setup on top of WordPress.


Ryan is a trading advisor.

He maintains a WordPress website with a couple hundred premium subscribers. Ryan keeps his closed circle of traders informed through articles and comments.He also broadcasts a bi-weekly live video session with q&a.Ryan chose WPStream for live streaming due to its flexibility and ease of integration.


Louise is an alternative medicine physician.

She has a private practice and also maintains a WordPress blog. She often meets with and interviews fellow professionals and makes these interviews available through her website, both live and recorded.Without being a technology expert Louise managed to integrate WPStream into her WordPress setup following the simple tutorial.


Jeremy is an indie music artist.

He makes a good living off his singing gigs and also generates proffits from advertising he runs on his WordPress website. He needed to get off YouTube to have full control over adverts that he runs.Jeremy chose WPStream to showcase his live performances and music clips.


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