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WpStream Shortcodes

October 23, 2017

If you ever worked with Wordpres You know that most of the pro themes/plugins comes with “Shortcodes” . A shortcode is basicaly a piece of code that you add&execute inside a page or post. At this moment the WpStream plugin comes with two shortcodes:

The shortcodes are

  1. The WpStream player


You can add this shortcode by clicking this button,

Or, if your theme use the Visual Composer plugin – use this button

Or by just adding the text below into your page/post . After that replace the “Add here the live stream id or the video id” with  your woocomerce product id or Free channel / Free Video id .

[wpstream_player id="Add here the live stream id or the video id" ][/wpstream_player]


The shortcode will insert into your page a player that will play the live channel/ video.


2. The “Free Media List”

To add this shortcode you can use the first 2 methods from the “WpStream Player shortcode” or you can add this text inside yor page

[wpstream_list_products media_number="No of media" product_type="Free Live Channel or Free Video"][/wpstream_list_products]

Replace “No of media” with how many media cards you want to display(there are 4 per row)  and for product type chose only one option.

Ex: [wpstream_list_products media_number="14" product_type="Free Video"][/wpstream_list_products]

This shortcode will print a list (four media cards peer row) of your free channels or free videos. If you want to show a list of pay per view WooCommerce products you will have to use the WooCommerce shortcodes ( https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-shortcodes/ )

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