Create your Video Streaming Website: Part 2 – VIDEO ON DEMAND

video on demand

In the first part of this series, you saw how you could find an appropriate theme for your website and go LIVE with WpStream. You also found out how you can record your live stream in order to create a Video-On-Demand. If you haven’t already read that article, make sure you check it out before continuing this one.

  1. Going LIVE
  2. Video On Demand
  3. Monetization
  4. Your users going LIVE
  5. Lists of LIVEs and VODs

In this article, we’re starting off from the moment your live stream has ended.


Previously…Your Live Stream ended

Go back to your WordPress admin and then to WpStream ‘Recordings’. Here, you have 3 options. You can either create a Free-To-View VOD or a Pay-Per-View VOD from your recording. The third option is uploading another video from your own desktop. Simply make sure that your video is in mp4 or mov format.

WpStream Recordings

Editing your Video On Demand

After clicking on the ‘Create new Free-To-View VOD from this recording’, you will now have to add a title, description, tags, categories, a featured image, and any other SEO optimized content. Once you are happy with these details, you can publish your VOD.

Publish VOD

Once your VOD is published, click on the permalink under your title and the link will take you to the VOD page.

Permalink to Video On Demand
VOD permalink

Viewing your Video On Demand

The page will show you the VOD running. The difference between a Live Stream and a VOD is that with a VOD, you can pause, play, skip forward, and go back. The similarities between the two includes the ability to go Picture-in-Picture and Full Screen.

The page will show you the vod running. The difference between a live and a vod is that with a vod, is that with avoid, you can pause, play, skip forward, and go back. The similarities between the two includes the ability.



This is the shortest tutorial of this series as creating a VOD is straightforward to do if you already have your recordings ready. You learned how you can create a Free-To-View Live and a Free-To-View VOD up until now. However, if you wish to learn how to monetize your LIVEs and VODs, stay tuned for the next article coming out next week!

With WpStream, you can record your live stream, upload a video directly from your computer/desktop, download your recording, and create a Free-To-View or Pay-Per-View VOD.

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