How to Live Stream a Church Service

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Live streaming for Churches

Live Streaming for Churches and houses of worship bring people together through religion and the faithful community. People find salvation, relief, and hope in their religion. With so many restrictions around the world, gatherings and spiritual reunions have been seriously affected. 

Although we are currently going through the most difficult time as a world-wide community, the inability to attend our weekly services have made it difficult to connect with our communities. The only thing that people have had left is their faith that all this will end soon.

Fortunately for the technology we have today, it has made this pandemic easier to handle than past pandemics. We can now be in contact with our loved ones and continue the lives we previously had online. Thanks to live-streaming, the same applies to faith communities and houses of worship. Although we are no longer able to attend in-person services, we can still continue attending online.

As a preacher, imam, rabbi, or any other member of congregation, you know that continuing your services to followers is more important now than ever before. For this reason, we present to you a video streaming solution. In just a few easy steps, you can go live in less than 10 minutes by following the instructions in this article, or by following the guided video tutorial at the end of this article.

What You Will Need

Live Streaming for Churches

Make sure you install and active the WpStream Plugin, and then register/sign in (See here).

Once your plugin is ready and you are connected, you can get started.

Go to WpStream Channels

Here, you will ‘Add new free channel’

Add a title and on the right hand side, you will find “Start Live Event” and “Settings”. Under settings, make sure you enable recording (this will make it so that your live broadcast will be recorded and you can later convert it into a free or Pay-Per-View On demand video).

After enabling recording, you can click on “Start Live Event”. After about 1-2 minutes, the event will be ready for live streaming. Click on “Go Live with External Broadcaster” and you will see that a “Server” and “Stream key” pops up.

Open OBS Studio. This is a free pro tool that you can use to broadcast live events in a simple but professional manner. Click on Settings.

Then, click on “Stream”and add the Server and Stream key from WpStream into the respective fields on OBS. After adding the

You can now “Start Streaming” and go to “View Channel”.

You will be taken to the page with the live stream and this is how your broadcast will look like. You can click on “picture-in-picture” or “full-screen”. On the top left corner, you can also see the viewer count.

After your broadcast is over, go back to OBS Studio and click on “Stop Streaming”

If you go back to your page, your broadcast will have stopped and this message will appear

Create a Pay-Per-View video from your Broadcast

If you remember, before starting your live event, we enabled the “Recording” option in your “Settings”. After your broadcast ended, your recorded file was automatically saved under “WpStream Media Management”

Here is your recorded file as you can see from the date. The latest recording shows up first. You can either download this file, create a free VOD, or a Pay-Per-View VOD. You can also delete the file when you no longer need it. Click on “Create pay-per-view VOD from this video”.

Now, you can add all the extra details to your product including a title, description, featured image, category, and tags to complete your live streaming for churches. However, the most important thing you must do is make sure it is a “Video on Demand”, give it a price, and make sure it is the right recorded video file. Click on Publish when it is ready.

After publishing, click on the permalink and it will take you straight to your newly created Pay-Per-View product. You will see that you do not yet have access to it. This is because a viewer will first need to purchase the product before they can actually watch.

After you (or the viewer) purchased the PPV video, the confirmation page will have the title along with the link to the video. The viewer must click on this link.

Here is the video! A viewer can move forward, backward, pause, and play the video as needed. They can also share it to other platforms with friends and families (who will also need to purchase before viewing).


In this article, you have learned about how to set up live streaming for churches or Faith community as well as how to record and convert the video file into a Pay-Per-View video that people can catch up on later. Start your free trial today or get  in contact with us for free streaming by filling out the details in this application. We are currently providing Covid Support to Churches, houses of worship, non-profits, and educational sectors as we try and play our part in helping make the pandemic easier to handle.

Hoping for a more guided tutorial? Check out the video below for a more comprehensive explanation on how to live stream and create a Pay-Per-View product.

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