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WpStream Basic Setup – How To Broadcast A Free Live Channel

July 30, 2017

The ”basic setup” is useful when you just want to stream live events or prerecorded videos on your WordPress website and not charge for it directly.

Here are just a few possible uses for free streaming:

  • Live broadcast of the Sunday mass from a church
  • Ad-supported trasmission of a concert
  • Video tutorials
  • Product Presentations

There are a few things you will need prior to starting:

  1. A web domain and a hosting account with WordPress installed. There are plenty of places where you can get a hosting account with WordPress already setup. We recommend companies like wpengine.com, pressable.com or pressidium.com or if you find these somewhat expensive, you can find more affordable solutions from bluehost.com or dreamhost.com
  2. After your WordPress is ready you may want to pick a theme. The theme is a wrapper around the WordPress core functionality and is responsible for the “look” of your website. There are a lot of good looking free themes, but if you’re after a professional look to your site we recommend a premium theme from sites like themeforest.net. It will cost you around $50-$60, and it comes with support and superior design.
  3. Next up, download and install the WpStream plugin. You can download it here. The plugin is free to download and install, but you will need a valid WpStream subscription for it to properly work.
  4. Finally, go to wpstream.net to create an account and pick the package that will suit your needs. You will then have access to the broadcasting keys from within your account. Go back to your WordPress back-end and find the WpStream options page where you can paste these keys. That’s it, you are ready to go!

To set up your first live streaming session, first create a free live channel:

a. Find the Add New Free Live Channel / Free Video under Free Live Channel/Free Video in the left pane

b. Fill up the form – add a title, description and an image; also make sure the Media type is set to Free Live Channel; hit Publish to save your settings

c. Go to the WpStream menu area (left pane) and you will find the channel listed and ready for your live session

To Publish your first video:

a. Find the “Add New Free Live Channel / Free Video” under “Free Live Channel/Free Video” in the left pane.

b. Fill up the form – add a title, description and an image; set the “Media type” to “Free Video”; choose a video from the dropdown; hit “Publish” to save your settings

c. Go to the “WpStream” menu area (left pane) and you will find the listed and ready to for your users to see

Both the live channels and the videos can be accessed directly from their post page.

You can also use the WpStream Shortcodes to insert the video players or the free channels/videos list in any other page. Check out the following help article to see how you can work with these shortcodes.

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