Multi Streaming to WordPress, Facebook, and YouTube

What is Multi Streaming

Multi streaming is the same as live streaming, except for the fact that you are streaming to multiple platforms at the same time. It is also known as ‘simulcasting’ or ‘streaming to multiple websites’. What happens is that you are able to stream to your WordPress website which gives you a white label solution to streaming.

Moreover, your stream is safest here because you control your content. It is difficult to take down, censor or mute. This is especially useful for fitness instructors that add music to their workout classes, churches, musicians and artists, as well as teachers and professors that need to teach using videos.

Live streaming on your website is also more professional and you can have a more hands-on approach with your content. This includes creating playlists, monetizing your videos, and recording your live streams to create on-demand videos for people to watch (and pay to watch) later.

Why is it so popular?

What if you have a lot of followers on other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms? What is the easiest way to reach your followers? Live streaming on those platforms, of course! Your website needs to have as much as exposure and reach as possible and the way to do that is by live streaming on as many platforms as possible.

The trick is that you go live on your WordPress website and using the Custom RTMP generated by WpStream, you input it into another external broadcaster or multi streaming platform such as, StreamYard, or

With for instance, you will need to add the Custom RTMP from WpStream and then set up different destinations. Your WordPress site, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. You connect to each of the destinations using your credentials and once the connection has been established, you can go live. You will then find your live stream playing on all platforms at the same time.

Advantages of streaming on multiple platforms

  • Reaching as many viewers as possible
  • Linking your website and branding yourself
  • If you have enough subscribers and viewer hours on YouTube, you can get monetized on that platform
  • Some viewers may not have Facebook accounts but they will have YouTube (or vice-versa). Some viewers may not have either one and will be able to watch your live stream directly on your website which is accessible to everyone
  • You may have different followers on each platform but by live streaming on all of them, followers from one platform can follow you on others. Show that you’re multidimensional!
  • If one platform crashes during your live stream, you can always link other platforms that viewers can continue to watch on

Now that we have established why you should be multi streaming to different platforms, let’s find out how you can do this with WpStream and

Multi Streaming with WpStream and

The first thing you will need to do is make sure you install and activate WpStream from WordPress. You will also need to go to and purchase a subscription plan. We purchased the monthly $19 one as that will do for now since we are only streaming to one custom destination (our WordPress website).

If you have a bigger business or more streaming needs, consider getting a yearly plan or a premium monthly one.

You would have registered/logged into by now. The next step is going to WpStream and creating a channel. The next step is to enter any details including the title of your live stream, any bio, tags, categories, and a featured image. Once you have done that, click on ‘Publish’.

Next, you can check out the settings. Here you can enable recording if you would like to convert the live stream into a Video On Demand for later, decide whether you wish to autoplay, start on mute, or to disable the viewer count at the top of the live stream.

Once you are happy with your settings, press ‘Start Live Event’ and your channel will start loading to get created. Once it has loaded, you will see that you have the option to go live from the browser or using an external broadcaster. Click on the latter. The external broadcaster in question is A Server and Stream Key will show up (Custom RTMP)

Destination: WordPress

Go back to and click on ‘+ Add Channel’

You will see a few options available of platforms to go live on by you will first want to add your WordPress site as the destination. Click on ‘Custom RTMP’

Now, you will find the following pop up asking you to enter a server and stream key. Fill it out with the details from WpStream and ‘Add Channel’

Destination: Facebook Live

Add another destination by click on ‘+Add Channel’ once again. Now, you can add Facebook Live. Make sure you follow the steps and connect to your Facebook account and grant the necessary permission to broadcast

Destination: YouTube Live

You will follow the same steps to add the next destination as YouTube Live

Congratulations! You are officially connected to your WordPress site, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live.

Go Live!

Enter the Live Studio to go Live.

Go back to WpStream and click on ‘View Channel’. It will take you straight to your website with the live stream

You can also go to your Facebook page and find your live stream

And finally, here is your YouTube Live as well. You are currently live on three different platforms, including your own website

To end your live stream, to back to Restream’s studio. Click on ‘End Stream’ or CTRL G on your keyboard

You will see that the broadcast would have ended on your website. Note that you can change the text to suit your live stream’s content or what is expected to happen next.

That is it on how you can broadcast on your WordPress website, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. Of course, the latter are two of the most popular examples of platforms to multi stream to. You can choose from a variety of destinations as seen on Restream. Alternatively, you can also carry out multi streaming on StreamYard or

Check out the Video Tutorial

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Beatrice Tabultoc

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Start your free trial with WpStream today and experience the ability to broadcast live events, set up Pay-Per-View videos, and diversify the way you do your business.