How to Live Stream a Webinar

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Live streaming a Webinar is simple to do with the latest changes in technology (and society). The word ‘Webinar’ is a cross between ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. Our conferences and seminars have all moved online for some time but we are now starting to see the evolution into hybrid conferences and seminars. Businesses, non-profits, charities, and governmental institutions have all found that it is beneficial to offer participants and viewers options.

This is why we thought that it is important to show you how to live stream a webinar or ‘seminar’ on your website. As a professional, there are certain aspects that you may want for your LIVE webinar:

If you tick at least one of these features, you may find your live streaming solution with the WpStream Plugin.

About WpStream

WpStream provides you with a platform to start broadcasting live events. Through live streaming, you can start creating Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View videos. With an affordable and user-friendly experience, you are able to display your skills and talents. Each of the subscription plans are carefully set up and your business will have an ideal plan calculated based on your streaming needs.

WpStream can be used on any WordPress website and it is possible to stream using specialized RTMP broadcast software such as OBSWireCastvMix, Zoom, etc. To guide you, we have numerous video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Choose to monetize your sessions with WooCommerce or offer them for free.

Set up a streaming website similar to Netflix with a global subscription model or multiple subscription plans where you can rent or sell live streams and on-demand videos. You will find that as a content creator or a business owner, you can start monetizing your videos from the get-go. With Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, you will need to reach a certain number of viewers to start making money. Not only that, but your profits will depend on the ads. With WpStream, there will be no ads on you live streams or videos (unless you choose to add your own, of course!). Moreover, if you are already an established company with multiple employees that plan to stream, you can also allow them (regular users) to broadcast on your WordPress website via the front-end.

How to Live Stream a Webinar

Here is what you need:

Let’s get started.

After installing WpStream, go to WpStream ‘Credentials’ and either add your login details if you already have an account, or register a new account.

WpStream Credentials

Next, go to ‘Free-To-View Live Channels’ and ‘Add New’. Add a title, description, featured image, tags, categories, and any other details that can help your SEO. Once you are happy with your descriptions and extra details, ‘Publish’ your channel.

Create and Publish Channel

Once published, you can now ‘TURN ON’ your channel. However, before you do that, check out your ‘Settings’. You will be able to ‘Enable Recording’, manage viewer count, autoplay, and any other settings.

Channel Settings

If you want to record your live stream to create a Video-On-Demand, don’t forget to enable ‘Record Live Stream’.

Enable Recording

Exit the Settings pop up and the click on ‘TURN ON’.

Turning ON channel

Click on ‘Go Live with External Streaming App’

Another pop up will appear and you will find a Server and Stream key. These are for the Custom RTMP features on the external Streaming App you choose to use. In this tutorial, I will be using OBS. However, if you wish to use another streaming app, you can click on the drop down and you will find other options. Several options include StreamYard, Restream, Wirecast, etc.

OBS Studio for your Webinar

Open OBS Studio, which is a free pro tool that you can use to broadcast Live Events. You can download OBS Studio for Windows, Linux, and macOS here.

To add your destination, click on ‘Settings’

OBS Studio Settings

Next, click on ‘Stream’ and then add your server and stream key from WpStream

OBS Custom Destination

Click on ‘Start Streaming’

Go back to WpStream and click on ‘View channel’

Your Live Stream

You will be taken directly to your live stream and you can see it as below

Live Webinar

Once your webinar is done, you can go back to OBS Studio and click on ‘Stop Streaming’


In this article, you found out how you can live stream your seminar on your WordPress website. In just a few quick steps, you will have your live stream available for anyone to watch. With WpStream, you can offer Free-To-View Live streams as seen in this article, alongside Pay-Per-View, Members-only, and Password Protected live streams.

You also have the option to allow regular users to live stream on your website through the Front-End. Moreover, many choose to use Zoom to live stream, which can also me set up to live stream to your WordPress website through Custom RTMP. Find the video tutorial below

Check out the Video Tutorial on How to Live Stream a Webinar on your WordPress website below

Start your free trial with WpStream today and experience the ability to broadcast live events, set up Pay-Per-View videos, and diversify the way you do your business.

Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice Tabultoc

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Start your free trial with WpStream today and experience the ability to broadcast live events, set up Pay-Per-View videos, and diversify the way you do your business.